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Jan 31


ELEGY OF MADNESS hails from Italy. They play Gothic Metal. This kind of music has a very good and loyal fan base. I'm one of this fan base myself, so normally, bands who play this kind of music they must receive a listen from me. EoM gives us a nice piece of music, starting from the drummer to the female vocals. I guess this band is missing the well-production. I'm not saying that their songs are bad. It's totally the opposite. I like what they are presenting. But for any one who doesn't know how hard any band are trying to get this kind of music out will for sure say that they need more time, but since I have little to know about what happens in studios, whether from production, playing, or even recording, I say that they are trying so hard and seriously. Vocally, I believe that Anja is one of the best soprano female vocals I have ever listened to. There are few famous bands nowadays have females vocals and they don't even know how to sing soprano, but Anja reminds me of great singers like Tarja (ex-nightwish). The problem is that when you listen to their music, you feel like her voice is hidden behind music, like the music is louder than her voice, I think it is a production thing too. The guitarist is one cool player. He takes the solo parts smoothly and artistically. As well as the rest of the bands players. The keyboardist brings a different tones to the music.....classical tunes may be, but it's very excepted. I've got to salute this band to their trying attempts and their nice talents. It won't be such a waste of time if you checked this band out. Music: 8.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Playing: 8.5/10 Sounds: 7/10 Performance (vocals): 8.5 /10 Overall Rating: 8.5/10
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